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Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Six performers with Down syndrome make up RUCKUS ensemble. Some of their names and faces will be familiar to regular readers. They don't make 'Down syndrome theatre',  or 'disabled theatre' -they make original theatre.

Learning about their latest initiative is timely in Down Syndrome Awareness Week/Month, in light of questions about awareness, activism, inclusion, rights, leadership, and agency. Whether you decide to support their project's fund-raising drive or not, the page is well worth reading to learn how they see themselves, and what they want to achieve.

From the Speed of Life campaign page, launched this week:
RUCKUS is a Sydney based disability led theatre ensemble who through their original, thought provoking and powerful performances smash stereotypes and challenge audience’s preconceptions of what people with disability are capable of achieving. 
RUCKUS reject being victims of pity but rather embrace being active agents of individual and societal change. 
As leaders in the disability community RUCKUS work to address inequality, social exclusion, the lack of meaningful employment opportunities for people with disabilities and address the basic human right everyone has to lead a rich, full and vibrant life free from prejudice and harm ...

You can follow RUCKUS on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube - links on the campaign page. 

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