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Thursday, 15 October 2015


From CHW School Link (supporting the mental health children and adolescents with an intellectual disability):
The Traffic Lights® App helps adults to identify, understand and respond to children’s sexual behaviour.
The App is based on the Traffic Lights® framework used by child protection authorities around the world. It supports the development of healthy sexuality and protects young people from harm and abuse.

Traffic Light colours are used to describe whether a specific behaviour is normal or not. It follows a logical structure:
- Enter the child’s age, sex and type of behaviour
- Identify whether the behaviour is green, orange or red by clicking the traffic light colours
- Swipe to see the possible reasons for this behaviour and how you might respond
Most sexual behaviours of children and young people are normal and healthy. However, please note that laws vary from place to place. While green light behaviours are normal and healthy, they may not be legal in every jurisdiction. 
The app is currently available for $2.49. It has been developed by Family Planning Queensland who have some other great disability specific teaching resources which you can access here.

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