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Friday, 13 November 2015

Weekend reading and viewing: 14th - 15th November 2015

Ruby's Rainbow (video 9m 43s)
We posted recently about the smart awareness campaign run by Ruby's Rainbow during October.

This small US not-for profit organisation was set up by the mother of a little girl with Down syndrome, specifically to 'grant scholarships to adults with Down syndrome who are seeking post-secondary education, enrichment or vocational classes, and help them achieve their dreams of higher education, while spreading awareness of their capabilities and general awesomeness' ... a singular focus for the parent of such a young child, with her eye well on Ruby's and others' long term futures.

In the video, co-founder Liz Platcha explains why she decided to set up the fund in 2012, and hears from some of the scholarship recipients.

The One Truth I’ve Learned as the Dad of a Daughter With Down Syndrome
Paul Daugherty, The Mighty, 6th November 2015
... If there’s one truth I’ve discovered as a dad of a daughter with Down syndrome, it’s simply this:
Jillian is good. Her goodness inspires others to be good. She has wielded her Down syndrome like a sword of understanding. She acts like the rest of the world should ...
To the People Who Say I Share Too Much About My Child Online
Suzie Skougard, The Mighty, 9th November 2015I know I overshare my daughter, Carly. It’s out of fear. I share because people stare. As she’s gotten older, it’s become more and more real. She is looked at differently. At checkouts and restaurants. Everywhere in between. When she was younger, I think people didn’t notice as much. They do now ...

"Give a Part, Don't Keep Apart": advancing inclusion in advertising and media
C├ítia Malaquias,  Global Observatory for Inclusion, 4th November 2015
... how can the media help to achieve human rights for people with disability? The media is a vehicle for mass communication and in that sense it has the potential to shape attitudes to disability at both an individual and cultural level, particularly where it challenges able-bodied perspectives of disability, amplifies the voices of people with disability and portrays people with disability authentically and as equal citizens entitled to participate fully in every sphere of life. In essence, the media, like the education sector, has a critical role in the achievement of social and economic inclusion for people with disability ...

Photographer Recreates Famous Paintings With Children With Down SyndromeElisabeth Brentano, The Mighty, 10th November 2015
Albanian photographer Soela Zani recently teamed up with Down Syndrome Albania and director Emanuela Zaimi to create a stunning portrait series of local children inspired by a number of famous paintings ...

Step Up! for Down Syndrome 2015 - Parramatta 
Step Up! for Down Syndrome 2015 - Parramatta 
Step Up! for Down Syndrome 2015 - Picton
Step Up! for Down Syndrome 2015 - Picton

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