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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Another step towards inclusion and visibility

Just a few days till Christmas, you'll possibly be at a large shopping centre sometime in the next few days ... so if it doesn't land in your letterbox first, make a note to pick up the new catalogue from Target, and find Caleb Jordan in it. It's more than an ad in a catalogue:

Ad inclusion:Caleb Jordan for Target Australia
Starting with Julius, 14th December 2015
... Today was a big deal for ad inclusion in Australia and an even bigger one for Caleb who features in the latest Target Australia catalogue. While it is not the first time that Target Australia has featured models with disability, it is the first time in a long time and we hope that it represents a significant step for the brand in adopting inclusive advertising as standard practice ...
... until people with disability are welcomed as equal participants in mainstream culture, it is difficult to see an end to their exclusion from schools, workplaces, community and all other areas of life ...

Added 17th december 2015:

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