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Friday, 11 December 2015

Weekend reading and viewing: 12th - 13th December 2015

How she is her best advocate
Ellen Stumbo, Hope and Encouragement, 4th December 2015
Nichole walked into the eye clinic ready to get her glasses fixed – she knew what to do – she sat at the open desk before one of the two attendants who work there and smiled. This was a new attendant to us, one we had never worked with before. I recognized “the look” right away ...

Sian Davey's best photograph – my daughter Alice, who has Down's syndrome
Sian Davey, The Guardian, 10th December 2015
... I was not prepared for how I would respond after Alice was born. She did not feel like my other children, and part of my instinct was to pull away from her. I was fraught with anxiety; I once dreamt Alice was swaddled in a blanket and I had forgotten all about her.

Alice was so small, but I knew she could feel my rejection. I was deeply sad that I could not immediately love my child – I wanted to make our relationship better, and the responsibility lay with me ...

What I call positive
Heather Saunders, This Calm Chaotic Life, 29th November 2015
... “Right, I’m going to be a bit controversial! I have lots of positives, but not all of them will be regarded as such by everyone. I love the fact that my daughter (17 next month) is grumpy, stroppy, loud, funny, uncooperative, stubborn, enthusiastic (on her terms!), musical (as are her 3 siblings) ...

All that matters
Paul Critchlow, Orange Juice Flavour Sky, 3rd December 2015
... This was also a day that Emily would never forget. She had been asked by Gloria and Steve to sing during their service. Not as part of a group or a choir or even a duo. She had been asked to sing a solo, accompanied only by her brother in law on guitar ...

Changing perspectives, paradigm shifts, and a lesson from a teenager
Alex McAuley, The Life That Max Built, 10th December 2015
... I knew I had undergone a huge paradigm shift when my answer to the ‘cure’ question changed from ‘yes’ to ‘no’ ...

The low-stress hair salon for people with disabilities
Kate Monaghan, BBC News, 10th December 2015
Liz Stewart used to have such problems getting her son Delroy to have a haircut that she ended up cutting his hair while he slept ... So she came up with the idea of opening a salon for people with additional needs to get their hair cut in a low-stress environment ...

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