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Friday, 22 January 2016

Weekend reading and viewing: 23 - 24 January 2016

Questions. Email. Love
Dave Hingsburger, Rolling Around in My Head, 19 January 2016
I received an email yesterday from a young man with Down Syndrome asking me a question about relationships and sexuality ... In my mind I can see the faces of so many men and women with intellectual disabilities whose sexuality has been systematically punished and who have brutalized by prejudice masking as therapy.

We Need More Proof That Prenatal Gene Screens Are Beneficial
Juston Volsz, Scientific American, 1 February 2016
Blood tests are safer for pregnant women but do not tell the whole truth ... results from screening tests can be misleading, and industry and federal regulators are not doing enough to ensure that people get all the information they need ...

Scared and sad - a letter from a prospective parent
Paul Daugherty, Uncomplicated Life, 20 January 2016
... a prospective parent of a child with Down syndrome ... purchased An Uncomplicated Life, and wanted to share his feelings with me. When you read Mike’s letter, you might feel as if you’re reading your own autobiography ...

2015 State of the Art on Post-Secondary and Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities
Keller Institute for Human dis-Abilities, George Mason University (Virginia)

How to Prepare Students in Self-Contained Classrooms for Inclusion in General Education

Tim Villegas, Kurzweil Education, 20 January 2016
... When students spend the majority of their time in self-contained, multi-grade classrooms, they miss out on vital learning in the general education curriculum. The depth and breadth of this curriculum is simply impossible to replicate in the self-contained classroom where lessons span three to five grade levels at a time, scheduling often conflicts with therapy, and students need support for a concentrated mixture of social/emotional and sensory regulation difficulties ...

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