Monday, 24 October 2016

Arts news

Accessible Arts  Newsletter October 2016
  • transcripts from Arts Activated Conference
  • information on the NSW Artist with Disability Fellowship
  • launch of Front-Up disability-led Arts and Cultural Hub opening in Seven Hills 
  • events
'Focus on Ability' on Aurora TV
A SBS Australia hour long documentary about the Focus on Ability Film Festival  will air in November. An Aurora Channel (Foxtel community channel) 14 part series will screen on Sunday evenings from 23 October 2016.

Sit Down, Shut Up and Watch Film Festival 'gives people with disabilities a voice' on the big screen 
Claire Campbell, ABC News, 21 October 2016
An increasing number of South Australian people with a learning disability are turning to filmmaking in a bid to change misconceptions about disabilities ...

The Value of Art 26:15 mins
Attitude Live, 22 August 2010
In the art world they're referred to as outsider artists …they live with disability…they’ve never been formally trained. They are doing their own thing outside of the traditional art world of galleries, museums and exclusive schools ...

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