Friday, 21 October 2016

Weekend reading and viewing: 22 - 23 October 2016

5 Tips On Having A Child With Down Syndrome
Meriah Nichols, 14 October 2016
... welcoming the presence of Down syndrome into our lives, as expressed by our daughter Moxie, was not easy for us. For myself as a person with a disability, it was particularly difficult, because I was making the choice to bring her into the world, knowing full well that she would be facing discrimination and prejudice, much along the same lines that I have.

We are 6 years into this now, and while much of the initial angst feels silly to me now, we have learned some things that might be useful to other families ...

Living in the shadow of disability
Bill O'Chee, Sydney Morning Herald, 19 October 2016
In Australia in the 21st century, people with disabilities occupy a strange liminal world, at once accepted and ostracised. We have made enormous steps as a society when it comes to people with disabilities; we have given them financial support, anti-discrimination legislation, and even the opportunity to participate in sport. However we seem reluctant to give them our friendship ...

Are we sleepwalking into a world without Down Syndrome?
Tessa Prebble, The Spin-Off, October 11, 2016
Many parents make the reasonable decision to terminate their pregnancy following an in utero diagnosis of Down Syndrome. But as more sophisticated tests make it easier and less risky to diagnose early, Tessa Prebble wonders whether we’ve really thought through the consequences ...

I Thought Having A Child With Down’s Syndrome Would Ruin My Life
Lucienne Cooper, Redonline, 13 October 2016
... Nearly seven years on, Billy has confounded my expectations in the most remarkable and enchanting ways. Far from ruining my life, he has filled it with meaning and joy. He is nothing like the burden I'd feared, but is a loving little boy; cheeky, fun loving and mischievous, who adores his big brother ...

The Diary of a Not So Ordinary Boy, 15 October 2016
As you know, one if the things that is important to me is to listen to and amplify the voices of the unheard. So, with that in mind, I am proud to host this blog from Heidi, who has Down’s syndrome and doesn’t have her own blog (yet!).
Hi I am Heidi and I am 21 and I have down’s syndrome which is an extra chromosome and I find that some people are very negative towards people with Down’s syndrome because they don’t understand it and think that we are not equal. 
The things people are saying are making me cry because people don’t value us like they should ...
The murder of disabled children is often excused.
Carly Findlay, 18 October 2016
Warning: This post contains content about violence, murder and suicide related to disability.
I've been struggling reading about the alleged murder-suicide that happened in Sydney earlier this week.
... It's a tragedy too awful to comprehend. The wider disability community is hurting too. This needs to be talked about. And I have tried to write this as respectfully as possible. If this case does relate to the stress disability has on a family, then ...

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