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Monday, 17 October 2016

Service, Support and Success: October 2016 issue

Service, Support and Success is a monthly international journal for direct support professionals, published in Canada. Each issue features a single substantive article focussed on a practical aspect of direct support.

As more people manage their own support via the National Disability Insurance Scheme, they will be interested in locating such good quality resources themselves, to establish good practice,  and as education and training resources for the professionals they employ.

It is available free via email subscription or through a website (link below). Here is the link to the latest issue:

In Case of Emergency, Please Read: Ideas and Strategies for Supporting People with Intellectual  Disabilities Receiving Emergency Care 
 Yona Lunsky and Jacques Lee, Service, Support and Success, Vol 5, issue 10, October 2016
Adults with developmental disabilities visit the hospital emergency department (ED) as often as some of us go to the dentist. In fact, they go twice as often as adults without developmental disabilities (DD). We all know the “drill” when it comes to the dentist, but just how much do you know about what to expect out of an emergency department visit? This article offers some practical tips about how to make emergency visits as good as they can be, and also outlines some steps we can all take to reduce the likelihood of having to go to the hospital in the first place. Because, let’s be honest; like the dentist, none of us want to go the hospital more than we have to...

Answers to FAQ’s about the journal
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