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Monday, 24 October 2016

Research news and commentary #11 for 2016

Down syndrome mystery solved
Emma Gallimore, AMI Newswire, 26 September 2016
Scientists may be one step closer to understanding the mechanisms behind Down syndrome, according to a study published in eLife ... The study found that cells with trisomy 21 continuously act as though they are fighting an infection even when no infection is present ...

Study: Use CDC BMI charts when screening children with Down syndrome for obesity
Melissa Jenco, American Academy of Pediatrics, 14 September 2016
Pediatricians screening adolescents with Down syndrome for excess body fat should use the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) standard body mass index (BMI) charts, according to a new study ...
Intellectual disability and Down Syndrome – common genetics?
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, University of Western Australia, 22 July 2016
An investigation which aimed to understand the genetic basis for Down Syndrome has led to the identification of a gene which controls the formation of neural circuits in the brain.

New research led by Associate Professor Julian Heng, Head of the Brain Growth and Disease Laboratory at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, has identified a genetic factor which could be significant for intellectual disability as well as Down Syndrome ...

These findings were recently published in the Nature press journal, Scientific Reports:
Literature review on managing dementia
See this recent post to link to Challenges faced in managing dementia in Alzheimer’s disease in patients with Down syndrome - a literature review aimed to look at the management of DAD (dementia in Alzheimer's disease) in people with Down syndrome. 

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