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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Library Thursdays: Articles in other association journals/newsletters

The latest issues of The Down's Syndrome Association (UK) Journal, Down Syndrome Ireland magazine, Down Syndrome Association of Queensland Digest and The (German) Deutsches Down-Syndrom Infocenter's Leben Mit Down-Syndrom are all in the library. The following articles appear in these magazines. Let us know if you would like a copy of any of them.

DSA UK Journal Spring/Summer 2010

Healthy lifestyles & fitness- because you are worth it!!! by Joan Murphy (looks at causes of obesity, how to overcome it and

Alfie's home education programme (article about finding the right support and education for a boy with Down syndrome and autism.

Down's Syndrome toileting questionnaire by June Rogers (results of a survey to determine what kind of toileting problems families were experiencing)

Self-talk findings: recent findings on self-talk behaviour in people with Down's syndrome

(the complete report is accessible online at

DSAQ Digest Autumn 2010 (March-May)

Types of Touch (article based on "Rules of Touch" by Family Planning Queensland)

Education: Laptops in Schools by Angie Keegan (pros and cons of a student with Down syndrome using a laptop in school)

Feet & Down syndrome by Darren Stewart, Podiatrist

Visual Acuity by Kerry Lawson

When Love Conquers All (story of a married couple who both have Down syndrome and how they manage their life together)

Down Syndrome Ireland magazine Spring 2010

How to Become a Self Traveller by Joan Paterson (about how a young man became independent at using public transport.)

The Social Lives of Teenagers with Down Syndrome by Grainne O'Malley (article looking at results of research into the social lives of Irish adolescents with Down syndrome)

Sex Education and improving capacity of people with intellectual disability to make sexuality-related decisions by Eileen Dukes

Leben mit Down-Syndrom Jan 2010

Various articles in German that we have not translated but they include:

Standhafte Kinder by Ute Jacobs (about stances and orthotics)

Zur neuropsychologie des abstrakten Denkens unter den Bedingungen einer Trisomie 21 by Andre Frank Zimpel

Jolina hatte Leukamie by Sandra Hegermann (about a girl's battle with Leukemia)

If you are interested in any of the articles above, let us know or come in and browse these and other newsletters from the various associations.
To borrow anything else just email or call.

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