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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Respite Guidelines and New Directions in Respite Services: new from ADHC

Two new publications related to respite care services have been released by (NSW Human Services) Ageing, Disability and Home Care:

About the respite program guidelines
The Respite program guidelines (disability) (the guidelines) provide the framework for respite service delivery for Ageing, Disability and Home Care, Department of Human Services (ADHC) operated and funded disability respite services. The guidelines have been developed by ADHC to support ADHC and non-government providers in delivering respite services in NSW. These guidelines will also be used by ADHC staff involved in the performance monitoring and reporting of respite services.
These guidelines provide an outline of respite services, the role of respite services within the disability service environment and the principles and values that should guide service delivery. They provide information about ADHC’s expectations for the provision of respite services by ADHC Regional and funded providers, while also enabling providers to deliver services in ways that respond to the needs of respite users and local conditions. The guidelines reflect the NSW Government’s commitment under Stronger Together: A new direction for disability services in NSW: 2006-2016 to expand existing respite services and build a more flexible and responsive disability respite service system.
These guidelines are not intended to provide detailed operational guidance but should be considered within the existing policy framework as set out in the funding agreement and the description of funded service or the service description schedule.
Copies of these guidelines and the documents referred to in the guidelines may be obtained from ADHC’s website at
About the respite program guidelines
Services these guidelines apply to
Updating the guidelines and feedback from service providers
Overview of respite
Responding to a growing need for respite
Eligibility and priority of access
Service types
Operational service requirements
Service monitoring
Legislation and policy
Working in partnership
New directions for disability respite services in NSW  is a report on consultations about respite services in NSW, conducted during 2009.
From the introduction:
The (paper) New directions for disability respite services in NSW has been developed to assist in the reform and expansion of disability respite services.
It will guide the way future disability respite services are delivered, how people access those services, the types of services provided, the settings in which they are delivered and the development of new respite services across the sector.
.... Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) has consulted with a wide range of stakeholders and reviewed national and international research along with key research conducted locally by Interchange NSW and Carers NSW.
..... In all, more than 30 consultation forums were held across the state where families and carers told us what types of respite services they need, how they would like respite services to be delivered and the times at which they need respite support. Respite service providers and advocates suggested ways in which the respite service system could be improved to ultimately deliver the best possible respite support for their clients. In addition to the forums more than 50 separate written submissions were received from people with a disability, their families and carers, advocates and service providers.

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