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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Library Thursdays: Exercise and physical activity

At the World Down Syndrome Congress last year, Nora Shields spoke about the need for physical activity and how it is more difficult for people with Down syndrome to move due to low muscle tone and other factors. Lack of activity has an impact on health, work possibilities and quality of life so activities need to be found that are enjoyable and not difficult. We have a few resources in the library that could be helpful.

Down syndrome: Play, move and grow by Anne Jobling & Naznin Virji-Babul (DSRF, Burnaby, Canada, 2004) looks at each age group and how motor development progresses and can be encouraged. It is a bit clinically but there is much good information and research.

Gross motor skills in Children with Down syndrome by Pat Winders (Woodbine House, 1997) is a classic for motor development activities in the early years. And Motor Skills Development for individuals with Down Syndrome by Ben Sacks & Sue Buckley provides the usual great research and information from Down Syndrome Education International.

Yoga for the Special Child: a therapeutic approach for infants and children with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities by Sonia Sumar (Special Yoga Publications, 1998) gives an easy to follow program for parents and professionals.

Yoga and children with Down syndrome- shows the introduction to a DVD on yoga done with people with Down syndrome.

Links to sports activities can be found in this blog as we become aware of them as well as on our website.

If you'd like to borrow any of the resources or anything else from the library, just email or phone us.

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