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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Library Thursdays: Riverbend Down Syndrome Support Group and Down Syndrome Centre Ireland

We often mention the Down's Syndrome Association (UK) and Down Syndrome Education International (DownsEd), and the Down Syndrome NSW site (of course) but there are many other excellent websites on Down syndrome. The Riverbend Down Syndrome Parent Support Group website is one of these. It is based in Illinois in the US and collects together a wide range of articles and abstracts of interest. The latest article added was Algebra and Problem Solving in Down Syndrome: a study with 15 teenagers by Elisabetta Monari Martinez (published in European Journal of Special Education 25(1), 13-29, 2010). But the topics of articles range from ones about early intervention, music, sports, inclusion, to medical articles, homeschooling, therapies, links and more. Not all the articles are mainstream, universally accepted research (although most are) so it allows a wide range of views to be discussed.

Another interesting website is the Down Syndrome Centre, a website from Ireland with a collection of blog entries from staff, an advisory panel and community members as well as useful articles. These range from advice on toilet training, classroom tips, to how a son learned to drive. The website has a nice positive feel.
There are many more and we'll point them out in future blogs. Let us know if you have a favourite and why.

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