Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Getting a Life - Sally Richards in conversation

Sally Richards is well known in the disability community as an advocate and speaker, and spoke about Circles of Support, with families for Down Syndrome NSW, during the Up, Up and Away Project in 2007. This week, she spoke for nearly an hour on ABC Radio, about developments in hers and Jackson's lives since then.  Her conversation with Alex Sloan is available as an online audio file, MP3 to download, or as a podcast (48m 26s).

Sally Richards, Conversations, with Alex Sloan (ABC Radio Local), 17th March 2014
Sally's third child, Jackson, was born with ... a profound intellectual disability ... For 14 years Sally believed ... that Jackson would lead a very limited life and always need care. But Sally was perusaded more was possible for Jackson, and she devised a creative way to make it a reality.
Jackson now lives in his own home in an 'intentional community' and has a job which gives him independence and a visible role in the community.
One of Jackson's fellow residents is a young man with Down syndrome - you can read more about each of the residents and their homes on the Getting a Life website.

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