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Friday, 7 March 2014

Weekend reading and viewing: 8th - 9th March 2014

To The Woman Who Apologized to Me at the Supermarket
Rachel Clarke, Huffington Post (The Blog), 27th February 2014
...We didn't exchange words, just shared in this moment of play and lightheartedness, of finding happiness in connecting with a child ... "I'm sorry," you said and parked your cart next to mine. You sighed, looked at me like you'd just delivered bad news ... "Oh, no, don't be sorry!" I said. But you were already turning your cart, telling the man to follow you ...

Dave Hingsburger, Rolling Around in My Head, 1st March 2014
A gentle hand touched the arm of my wheelchair, questioning eyes looked up and me, "Does it still hurt?" she asked, her tone voice conveying that this was a serious and important question. And I, of course, misunderstood it ...

Emily's room
Paul Critchlow, Orange Juice Flavour Sky, 2nd march 2014
What's so different about this room? What makes this room worth writing about? Well, that's the point! It is no different to any other young woman's bedroom ...

This case is shocking. And the judge's reaction is despicable.
Shauna Anderson, mammia, 4th March 2014
It seems in some rape cases you have to actually act like a victim if you’ve been raped ...

My seat on the bus,
Graeme Innes, Howzat?, 4th March 2014
... Seven-year-old Duncan’s parents are worried. He’s about to be suspended from school.... Have you seen situations where a small change can make a big difference?
John C McGinley, Huffington Post, 5th march 2014
We are free to express ourselves (in accordance with the law), just about any way that we choose to. I do not enjoy hearing the "R" word: "retard" and "retarded." And I will tell you why...

I Am the Person You Hurt When You Say the R-Word
John Franklin Stephens, Huffington Post, 5th March 2014
Sometimes I feel like Professor Van Helsing, or maybe Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I keep trying to kill this thing and it just won't die. Of course, my nemesis is the "r-word," not a vampire ...

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