Tuesday, 25 March 2014

News and commentary on the NDIS (18)

When everyone counts
Michael Short, The Age, 24th March 2014
... ''When you invest in programs and services that will enable a better life for people like me, what you're going to ultimately find is that you are not just investing in that disabled person, you are investing in programs and services that are good and beneficial for everyone, where everybody wins and everybody gets a benefit .."

We can deliver NDIS on time and get it right
Craig Wallace, theguardian.com, Friday 21st March 2014
Yes, time was an issue – but the capability review’s comparison of the National Disability Insurance Agency to a half-built plane flying through the air is over the top ...
Disability service workers to protest at privatisation plans
Anna Patty, Sydney Morning Herald, 19th March 2014
Thousands of disability service workers will take industrial action to slow down the roll-out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme in protest at plans to privatise home care services.

The Public Service Association representing about 3500 members who work in government disability services across NSW has passed a motion to introduce work bans affecting implementation of the NDIS ...

NDIS: individualised funding must remain core policy
Dr George Taleporos, Ramp Up, 19th March 2014
While some block funded services can deliver great outcomes for some, Dr George Taleporos believes they will never be truly accountable to service users ...

We should welcome NDIS scrutiny
Craig Wallace, Ramp Up, 17th March 2014
... People are understandably worried about any review of the Scheme we've all fought hard to secure, but I welcome robust oversight, scrutiny and transparency. We all should.

This is nation building reform matching the creation of Medicare, the GST implementation, and the introduction of superannuation. It needs to be the best it can be ...

NDIS: helping people work and participate
Every Australian Counts, 17th March 2014
We hear a lot of talk about the cost of the NDIS, but let’s not get side-tracked. What our political leaders and the public need to really understand is the economic return on investment that the NDIS will generate, as it provides the platform for greater social and economic participation for people with disability and their families ...

Bruce Bonyhady defends National Disability Insurance Scheme
Dan harrison, Sydney Morning Herald, 15th March 2013
The architect of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, Bruce Bonyhady, has hit back at suggestions by former Treasury boss Ken Henry that the nation cannot afford such programs without tax increases or budget cuts ... He said modelling by PricewaterhouseCoopers had shown that in the absence of an NDIS, government spending on disability would exceed the projected costs of the scheme within a decade ...

NDIS mastermind awarded Honorary Doctorate at University of Melbourne
University of Melbourne, 14 March 2014
Disability campaigner Mr Bruce Bonyhady AM will be awarded an honorary doctorate, the highest honour from the University of Melbourne, at a ceremony to be held tomorrow. Mr Bonyhady is the architect of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), widely hailed as a milestone in Australia’s cultural history on a par with the introduction of universal health insurance in the 1970s ...

Does the NDIS really offer choice?
Todd Winther  Ramp Up, 12th March 2014
To me, the words 'disability' and 'choice' are oxymoronic. It is one of the reasons that I have been an early and harsh critic of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) ...

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