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Friday, 14 March 2014

People with Down syndrome in the media

Woman with Down Syndrome Fights for Her Freedom – and Wins
Cathy Free and Nicole Weisensee Egan,  People, 7th March 2014
Jenny Hatch wasn't trying to be a hero. She just wanted to live with the family she loved. But while the 29-year-old woman with Down Syndrome was fighting for the right to make her own decisions about where to live and whom to live with, she also created a path for others with disabilities to follow ...

Focus on Oliver Hellowell: Photographer with Down's syndromeDowns Side Up, 28th February 2014
At nearly 18, Oliver is already carving a reputation for himself as a respected wildlife and landscape photographer. The Oliver Hellowell website showcases his unique work which is available for sale. Oliver also has Down's syndrome ...

Aussie model with Down's makes UK debut
Australian Women's Weekly, 25th February 2014
He's just four years old but Julius Panetta is already a modelling veteran with four major fashion campaigns under his adorable belt ...

Survey finds school system failing some children with Down Syndrome
Selina Bryan, ABC News, 4th March 2014
... Inadequate fencing and supervision are some of many issues highlighted in an education survey of 30 Tasmanian parents who have children with Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome Tasmania found there were many inconsistencies in the treatment of children with the genetic disorder in the public, private and special school systems ...

Lupita Cano a bold, unique artist - art for the ages
Jacquie Peterson,Apostrophe, undated
... Lupita describes her studio in Seattle, Wash., as a happy, warm and friendly place. On a typical day, you’ll find her, smock on, working on her latest piece. A disciplined artist for more than 15 years, Lupita works as many as 18 hours or more per week ...

Actor who cheered those around him
Peter Phillips, Dancer/actor 1960 - 2014
Jack Gregory, The Age, 7th March 2014
... Peter's parents had had no hesitation in deciding that, whatever the challenges in raising a child with Down Syndrome might be, they would include him in their family ... One of his favourite poems was Blake's Tyger, tyger burning bright. Peter burned brightly throughout his life.

Same Waves takes off
Emma Murphy, NBN News, 11th January 2014
For children with special needs, participating in team sport can be a stressful and challenging task. But Cooks Hill Surf Lifesaving Club is hoping to change that, with a surf awareness program for children who need a little extra help in the waves – and already it’s struggling to meet demand ...

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