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Monday, 24 March 2014

In celebration of World Down Syndrome Day 2014: an indulgence of media

World Down Syndrome Day, last Friday, attracted some high profile media attention, spreading awareness across the globe and across communities. There were many beautiful photos and stories, and some really fantastic videos that went viral - all ading up to the best year for media yet.

  • Down Syndrome Australia has posted links to national media here.
  • For links to international events and media, including video of the United Nations Conference in New York, visit the World Down Syndrome Day website. 

These are some of our other favourite media moments that came to our attention on the day:

Day 21 of the (US) National Down Syndrome Congress's '21 quotes for 21 days', is from the NDSC's Self Advocates Resolution:

Links to each day's quotes are in this post.

Watch this video, and just try not to smile:

Link to this video on You Tube
Dave Hingsburger, Rolling Around in My Head, 21st march 2014
I met a man with Down Syndrome.
He loved his wife so.
I met a woman with Down Syndrome.
She loves her job, goes eagerly every morning ...

Meet the 2014 Heroes - Canadian Down Syndrome Society

Karachi Down Syndrome Program video for World Down Syndrome Day

Today Show, Ch 9, 21st March 2014
Features the Italian video that has gone viral over the past  couple of weeks, and an interview with the founder and one of the members of Melbourne dance group, eMotion 21.

Reclaiming possibility
Embracing Wade, 21st March 2014
... It wasn’t until I met Wade and got to know him that I started to realise that there was a whole raft of qualities and aspects to him that I didn’t expect. I discovered that not everything (hardly anything!) on the long list of doom and gloom applied to us and I realised that life wasn’t quite as hard as I expected it to be ...
  • See our previous 'In celebration of World Down Syndrome Day' posts for more links.

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