Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Down Syndrome News, Spring 2014 issue online

Down Syndrome News is published by the (US) National Down Syndrome Congress
30 Mansell Court, Suite 108, Roswell, Georgia 30076
NDSC generously makes its newsletter archives freely available online, here.

The current issue is now available online:

Down Syndrome News, Vol 37, Spring 2014

Feature articles:

“To the moon”, Bret Bowerman
“You’ve probably seen them bagging groceries,” said the geneticist attempting to explain to my wife and me that our one-day old daughter, Ellie, had Down syndrome and what that meant for her future. Her age was measured only in hours and already, expectations for Ellie’s potential had been capped ...
In English, and in Spanish

Speech Intelligibility: Factors Affecting Understandable Speech (Part One), Libby Kumin
Children, adolescents and adults with Down syndrome have a lot to tell us. But, many times, we cannot understand what they are saying. Speech intelligibility is the term used to describe whether a person’s speech is understandable to a listener. Intelligibility sounds like an objective scientific term, but it is not. It is a subjective judgment made by a listener which can be affected by many factors ...

Book reviews

  • Gross motor skills for children with Down syndrome (2nd edition), Patricia Winders, 2013 
  • Raising Henry - a memoir of motherhood, disability and discovery, Rachel Adams, 2013
  • Who's the slow learner? A chronicle of inclusion and exclusion, Sandra McElwee, 2014
  • Wilderness blessing - how Down syndrome reconstructed our life and faith, Jeffrey Gallagher, 2013

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