Thursday, 3 April 2014

Library Thursday: 3rd April 2014

Down Syndrome and Autism resources
Yesterday (2nd April)  was Autism Awareness Day - making this a good time to reprise a review of this book, published just last year:
When Down Syndrome and Autism Intersect - a guide to DS-ASD for parents and professionalsMany helpful books have been written about Down syndrome, and also about autism, but this incredibly useful guide for parents and professionals is one of the first to describe the unique challenges that come with a child who is diagnosed with both ...
... and a reminder that Down Syndrome Australia has established a Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder community page on Facebook

Down Syndrome and Autistic Spectrum Disorder: A Look at What We Know 
George T. Capone, M.D., (US) National Down Syndrome Society.

Members' library
The Down Syndrome NSW library catalogue is available to view here.  

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