Wednesday, 23 April 2014

People with Down syndrome in the media

The Lily Harper Show
AttitudeLive (NZ), 17th April 2014

Lily interviews herself about life as an independent woman and Special Olympic athlete who lives with Down Syndrome. Filled with humour, dancing and even impersonations… this is one show not to be missed! 

Joscelyn Sweeney from Vincentia recounts her brush with Will and Kate

Dayle Latham, South Coast Register, 17th April 2014
Self-confessed royal fan, Joscelyn Sweeney from Vincentia had a dream come true when she met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and baby George in Sydney on Wednesday ...
Youth Dance Festival appearance marks big achievement
Luke Mortimer, Northern Star, 9th April 2014
Alstonville dancer Tara Coughlan is a prime example of achievement over adversity.
The 18-year-old from Ballina, who has Down Syndrome, will perform at the Australian Youth Dance Festival in Renmark, South Australia, to be held from April 10 to 16.

She will be accompanied by her friend and duet partner Cassie Warman, 26, from Alstonville who teaches at the Alstonville Dance Studio they attend.
Miss Coughlan practices a variety of dance styles and said she was looking forward to kicking up her heels at the festival ...

My Radio Heart opens up different look at love

Sharon O'Neill, 7.30 NSW, 11th April 2014
Get a look behind the scenes of a love story inspired by Marvel's X-men featuring a collective of differently-abled artists putting their own spin on contemporary music.
Actress's Hilarious Run-In With Jimmy Kimmel
Ali Wentworth, Daily Shot, 10th April 2014
On "American Horror Story," Jamie Brewer plays Nan, the clever and mysterious young witch. The actress, who's been performing since she was a young teen, sees her work as more than just a career ...

What Makes This Film Special Is the Story Behind It
Megan Griffo, The Mighty, 16th April 2014
... Throughout filming, DeSanctis continued to prove himself ... “He’s a good actor,” Dowling told The Mighty. “Not a good actor with Down syndrome. A good actor."
... “I’m not done acting. I’m not close to being done,” he (David De Sanctis) told The Mighty. “I have to act with Jennifer Lawrence before I even think about quitting."

Joline Gutierrez Krueger, Albuquerque Journal, 12th April 2014
Ask Stephen Maes and Nica Bierner what they love about each other, and they stare at you as if you have asked the dumbest question in the world. Which you probably have. What don’t they love about each other might be the better question. Why wouldn’t they love each other would be another one.

Standing Out: Down syndrome doesn't stop Braydon Barker
Bill Helm, The Bugle, 12th April 2014
Not too many children would name a pig after their favorite NCIS character. But Braydon Barker is not the typical 16-year-old boy. He has Down syndrome. But this genetic disorder is not the only thing that causes him to stand out ...

Program offers college experience for those with disabilities
Amy Neff Roth, Observer Dispatch, 12th April 2014
Jared Okun wants to go to college. But he doesn’t have the options of most 21-year olds. Okun, a Fayetteville resident, has Down syndrome. He already has a job he loves working in a pizza parlor. But Okun has set his sights on new horizons; he sees himself as a day care or pre-school teacher, a goal he hopes more education could help him meet, he said ...

The Talented Mr Digby
The 'About' page gives insight into the broader context of the documentary, currently in production.

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