Friday, 18 April 2014

Weekend reading and viewing: 19th - 20th April 2014

A whimsical photo shoot of children with Down syndrome, posted on Facebook.  The event was a promotion to benefit the Down Syndrome Guild of Kansas City.

More than 21 quotes from more than 21 people
A video slide show of the popular '21 quotes' campaign from the (US) National Down Syndrome Congress, for World Down Syndrome Day 2014. (7m 51s)
Direct link to You Tube

Inside The Reveal
...  a short documentary capturing the essence of the pioneering art exhibition 'The Reveal' by the artist's collective Heart & Sold, held at The Menier gallery, London in March 2014.

Exhibition tells the stories of people with learning disabilities - in pictures
Guardian Social Care Network (UK), 16th April 2014
The Twenty exhibition documents two decades of change in social care and disability awareness through the eyes of some of the individuals the charity Brandon Trust has supported since it began in 1994 ...

To see or not to see disability
Nina-Marie Butler Ramp Up 17th April 2014
Nina-Marie Butler knows curiosity is simply part of human nature, but she also knows that sometimes people should really just mind their own business ...

Why Your Special Needs Mom Friend Might Be... 'One of THOSE Moms'
Trust Me, I'm a Mom, 1st April 2014
I know you have a special needs mom friend. And I bet you like her, but you're not super close to her, right? Maybe you feel like she never makes time for you or cancels on you. Or maybe you know of a special needs mom & you have no desire to be her friend, well, because she's one of those moms ...

Learning difficulties
Norman Hermnt, Lateline (ABC TV), 17th April 2014
Disability advocates fear a tough federal Budget next month could stymie moves to improve education for disabled children. Only about a third of disabled Australians between the ages of 15 and 64 complete Year 12. For students with physical and developmental difficulties, schools where they can thrive remain the exception, not the rule ...

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