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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Responses to NDIS rollout announcement

Sector Welcomes Landmark NDIS CommitmentProBono News, 17th September 2015
...People With Disability Australia President, Craig Wallace, said the organisation was pleased the NDIS deals were a priority for the new Liberal leader.

“We welcome this commitment by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and NSW Premier Mike Baird and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews," Wallace said.

“It's great to see such a significant commitment to the NDIS so early in the life of a refreshed government and at the Prime Minister’s first major press conference.”

National Disability Services Chief Executive, Dr Ken Baker, said the agreements were a watershed moment for the sector ...

NDIS roll out in NSW and Victoria and genuine change
Libby Ellis, InCharge, 16th September 2015
... I am interested in people getting the most out of the NDIS. And for me this means transformation. It means moving from the margins. It means having a life where you are more than just a client or an object of other people’s purpose. I don’t believe that transformation ever lands solely from ‘on high’ or from the ‘top down’.

In my experience those that are smashing our perennial low expectations, who are citizens in the broadest sense of that term, those who can see that their own life means something, all of them have seized moments when the system has popped out with something that can be shaped. Transformation starts with an intent – I no longer desire to accept that what is offered is all that is possible. No planner, no system can make this happen. This is an inner spark for more ...

What does the community think of the NDIS roll out plans?
Every Australian Counts, 16th September 2015
The release of the NDIS roll out plans for NSW and Victoria yesterday had everyone talking. We’ve heard from the politicians but what is the disability community saying? ...

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