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Friday, 4 September 2015

Weekend reading and viewing: Fathers Day Edition, 5th - 6th September 2015

Brendan O'Connor: Happy birthday to my baby girl Mary
Brendan O'Connor, Irish Independent, 30th August 2015
His daughter Mary has turned five and is starting school, and she still has Down syndrome. And Brendan O'Connor is trying like hell not to think too much about the future ... She will be so much more than a service-user. She will not be defined by Down syndrome. It permeates every cell in her body but so does her quintessential Maryness. And that overrides everything else ...

3 Mantras to live by: from the father of a married woman with Down syndrome
Parker Myles, 17th August 2015
Paul Daugherty and his wife Kerry together proudly raised their daughter Jillian, who has Down syndrome.

Jillian has achieved many incredible things in her life, and last month her parents watched her marry the man of her dreams. Her father, Paul, wants to share some advice with you- from one parent to another ...

Recognising Fathers: the experiences of fathers who have children with learning disabilities
Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities
What we aimed to achieve through our research with fathers:
  • Fathers are no longer the 'invisible parent'
  • They are valued in their role as carers
  • Policy and practice responds to the needs of both fathers and mothers who are raising a child with learning disabilities
  • 'Recognising Fathers' leads to a better life for all the family ...

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