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Monday, 17 April 2017

MagPort: a magnetic tip charger cable for iOS and Android

Sam Paior, who owns The Growing Space Australia Facebook page and website recently drew readers' attention to a clever new mainstream device that could be very useful for people with Down syndrome, or anyone who would benefit from fine motor support to manage their phone charger - the MagPort USB phone charger cable. See Sam's Facebook post dated 2 March 2017:
Sometimes, I get really excited about little things that can make a big difference. This is one of those. 
Do you or someone you love have Cerebral palsy, stroke, spinal injury, MS, MD, or other difficulties with fine motor, limb difference etc, and connecting chargers to phones, iPads and other devices on their own is hard? Or do you have to buy new charging cables *all the time* because they get ripped out of devices and ruin? 
This cable has a tiny dongle thing that you plug into the charging socket on your phone or device, and then the cable just magnetically draws in and "clicks" into place - you can do it with one hand, and when you detach the cable, you won't ruin it if you're rough. The cable has a lifetime guarantee and works for charging and data, too. You don't see that often!  
It really is pretty awesome. It won't be right for everyone (the cable detaches relatively easily which is great for some, but may be a pain for others), but for many it will be brilliant.
Read the comments for Sam's recommendations on NDIS funding for such devices - she has checked it out.

The Growing Space is based in Adelaide, but Sam generously shares a great deal of information that is universally applicable, and she is very knowledgeable about the NDIS. Like the Facebook page and sign up for the free monthly newsletter while you are there.

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