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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

News and commentary on the NDIS (65)

Jessica Irvine, Sydney Morning Herald, 10 April 2017
Everyone knows the National Disability Insurance Scheme is a great idea, but hopelessly over budget – an expensive Labor extravagance – right? Don't buy the lie.

'National Disability Insurance Scheme Costs' review
More than 180 submissions have been received in response to the Productivity Commission's Issues Paper, National Disability Insurance Scheme Costs. Initial submissions were due by 24 March 2017. Opportunity for further comment will be sought upon release of the position paper in May 2017.

The study will examine issues including: the sustainability of scheme costs; jurisdictional capacity (including the complementary disability services provided by the States and Territories); cost pressures (including wage pressures); changes in the agreed escalation parameters; whether efficiencies have been achieved within the scheme; whether there has been any impact on mainstream services; and examine the most appropriate levers to manage any potential cost overruns.
A broad range of organisations and individuals have responded, including Down Syndrome Australia - background and summary of the DSA submission and a link to the paper

NSW Government privatisation plans leave people with disabilities in uncertainty
Alison Branley, ABC, 7 April 2017
Now the NSW Government has confirmed it has a long-term plan to sell off these homes as part of the move to a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

NSW Disability Services Minister Ray Williams said in the medium term the properties would be leased to private community housing providers under five to 10-year agreements. But after that, they would be sold ...

Disability services sell-off in New South Wales being bungled, carers say
Alison Branley, ABC News, 31 March 2017
Carers of people with a disability have accused the NSW Government of bungling its sell-off of disability services.

The State Government currently runs about 300 group homes in NSW and now that service has been put out to tender under the shift to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This sell-off has left many residents and their families anxious and uncertain about their future.

Families of residents said they were angry the process had been structured so they have only one choice in many areas, and often it was a larger organisation ...

Siblings and the NDIS
Kate Stohm, Every Australian Counts, 8 March 2017
The NDIS is a new way of supporting people with disability. Whilst it aims to provide greater choice and control regarding services for participants it also recognises the important role of ‘informal supports’ ...

Disability Advocacy Funding Failure
Lena Cavena, Pro Bono News Australia, 9 March 2017
The future of many disability advocacy organisations is under threat with the expected loss of NSW government funding from July 2018 as the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) continues to roll out nationally. 

Under the terms of NSW’s NDIS deal with the federal government, the state will hand over all its disability budget to the Commonwealth from 1 July 2018.

The CEO of Disability Advocacy NSW, which is one of the largest disability advocacy services in the state, is Mark Grierson. He told Pro Bono News that the NDIS definition of disability support excluded advocacy and health-related services ...

Weekly Q and A 
NDIS, from 24 March 2017
We established this weekly Q and A forum because we are reading your comments, and want to answer the most commonly asked questions, including those with answers we think will be helpful to a wide range of people who visit our social media channels.

  • Q and A forums are located on the 'news' page, 7 April and 13 April now listed.


The official NDIS website provides access to documents, and up to date information about how the NDIS works, and NDIS events such as local workshops and webinars.

NDIS and Me
People with Down syndrome and/or their families and carers can join the closed Facebook Group, NDIS and Me, for discussion specifically about the NDIS and people with Down syndrome.

Disability Loop - a way to find out more about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Disability Loop is a project funded by the NDIS. It is run by, and for, people with disability and their allies.

Two other closed Facebook groups (only members can see the posts) that you might find useful for answering particular queries are:
  • NDIS Grassroots Discussion - a large group run for and by people with all kinds of disabilities, and welcoming of carers - the administrators are very experienced in managing discussions that can become robust at times, as criticism of the NDIS is raised
  • the newer and smaller I Love NDIS aims to promote discussion of individual's successes in putting their plans together and implementing them.

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