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Monday, 24 April 2017

News and commentary from and about the broader disability community

New research shows role-playing disability promotes distress, discomfort and disinterest
Hiram College, Science Daily, 12 April 2017
Disability simulations often result in feelings of fear, apprehension and pity toward those with disabilities, new research concludes ...

The Ongoing Negotiations of Living Life With a Disability
Rachel Kolb, Pacific Standard, 18 April 2017
The line of thinking often goes like this: Disability is expensive. People with disabilities are in the minority, so costs could be better spent on projects that benefit more people. What’s more, retrofitting spaces and processes for accessibility is a hassle. Whenever accessibility provisions are granted, the person with the disability ought to be profoundly grateful others took the trouble to make it happen. And, anyway, if you’re requesting accessibility services, do you really need them? Couldn’t you just do without?

My Journey with Disability Language and Identity
Andrew Pulrang, Rooted in Rights, 10 April 2017
... The more I thought about it, “identity first” language started to again change how I thought about my disabilities. I stopped worrying about whether or not my disabilities “define” me, and started to embrace the fact that like it or not, I am part of a community, a shared identity. I’m disabled. And I do like it ...

We are failing our most vulnerable even in their own homes
Colleen Pearce, Brisbane Times, 4 April 2017
Just one day after the ABC aired last week's Four Corners investigation into taxpayer-funded group homes for the disabled, my office had a call about an extremely troubling case of violence in a home for people with disabilities in Victoria ...

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