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Friday, 7 April 2017

Weekend reading and viewing: 8 - 9 April 2017

'You Can't Ask That' asks people with Down syndrome the awkward, inappropriate or uncomfortable questions you've always wanted to know the answers to, but never had the guts to ask.
ABC iView (available until 6 April 2020)
Series airs on ABC TV on Wednesdays at 9 pm

... he tried to assert himself, to do something for himself rather than have something done for him. Coming from the land of low expectations meant that he'd be trapped by helpers for his whole life, he would have been denied the freedom to try, the freedom to fail and the freedom to learn. He wants to move, into here, into now ...
Dave Hingsburger, Of Battered Aspect
29 March 2017
... Looking after Skye can sometimes be time consuming and what Howard and Rhona have to work out is how much time to devote to her, while making sure that big sister Molly and younger brother Lewis are not feeling neglected. Getting the balance right isn’t easy. It doesn’t mean that Skye has to be wrapped in cotton wool. All the normal family life, fights, squabbles, sulks and falling outs still occur, but for parents, finding the balance can be difficult, especially when one of the children needs extra attention ...
Jeff Campbell, DSA (UK)
23 March 2017
... I had incredibly complicated emotions after Kate was born, as well. I absolutely loved her with every part of my heart, but I was sad, scared, and confused about her diagnosis. I get that. You are absolutely not alone. 
If I can offer you any piece of advice to start with, I would simply say: be patient with yourself. Your body just did an incredibly big thing and this season is tender and sensitive. It takes time to get to know any newborn, no matter what their ability ...

Sipping Lemonade, 19 February 2017

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