Friday, 24 January 2014

News and commentary on employment of Australians with intellectual disabiities

The recent announcement by the Federal Government about a payment scheme for workers assessed under the Business Services Wage Assessment Tool, and its consequences continues to raise interest in the disability and wider community. Here is some of the latest media:

Short changed by discrimination
Stella Young, Ramp Up, 21st January 2014
Whether or not we like our jobs, most of us are paid fairly for the work we do. But many Australians with intellectual disabilities are working full time for less than $2 a day. Where's the dignity in that, asks Stella Young.

Law firm Maurice Blackburn slams Government's one-off payment offer to underpaid workers with disabilities
Simon Lauder, The World Today (ABC Radio), 21st January 2014
Law firm Maurice Blackburn says underpaid intellectually disabled workers have been made an unfair offer by the Federal Government. (Audio file and print)

Fighting for dignity for workers with disability Emeline Gaske and Kairsty Wilson, Ramp Up, 21st January 2014
Despite a 2012 Federal Court ruling that the method for determining wages of workers with disability is unfair, the Government continues to ignore the court's decision and is moving to strike another blow against some of the most low-paid and vulnerable in the workforce, writes Emeline Gaske and Kairsty Wilson.

Maurice Blackburn wins temporary reprieve on disabled workers court action
ProBono Australia News, 23rd January 2014
Law firm Maurice Blackburn says the Federal Government has agreed to hold off from initiating further contact with underpaid intellectually disabled workers who are part of a class action over unfair pay ...

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