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Friday, 10 January 2014

Weekend reading and viewing: 11th - 12th January 2014

Who's in the show this year: Adam Lewis
Olga Taylor, Urban Nutcracker, 4th December 2013
When Ann and Barry Lewis brought her son Adam to the Boston Ballet Adaptive Dance program in 2002, they didn’t know that music and dance would become his life-long passion. In fact, at that point nobody knew anything ...

Skip the Resolution - Make It a Goal
Joan Medlen,  Wellness Walk Talk (blog) 1st January 2014
... For parents of children with disabilities, the concept of setting goals is a snap. We've done goal setting since our kids were born. The beauty of this is that you can do it yourself. It doesn't require a team. Your goals are your own. Working with a partner to reach individual goals is a good idea. You may even have the same ones. Goals are also good for our kids! Especially around health related changes ...

What Would He Be Like If He Was Not Born with Down Syndrome?Eliana Tardio, Living and Loving with down Syndrome, 9th january 2014
... There is a time in our lives when questions are just that, simple questions that may lead us to deep reflection ...

Pay it 4Ward
Kelle Hampton, Enjoying the Small Things, 9th January 2014
... I stood long enough to observe a five-minute scene that occurred a few feet from me, and because it was Christmas Eve or perhaps because it mirrored a piece of our future—one that sometimes overwhelms me—I smiled through tears ... I feel like we’re off the “Go” space on the board game now, away from the security of “just let me enjoy these first few years of no worries” and venturing into the next squares that lead to that curvy path of more unknowns ...

What to expect for Down syndrome prenatal testing for 2014
Mark Leach, Down Syndrome Prenatal Testing, 3rd January 2013
... 2014 will see the largest expansion in the number of women undergoing prenatal testing. Many will receive the materials and counseling recommended by professional guidelines. Even more will not, unfortunately ...

Concerns discrimination against disabled widespread and varied in Australia's justice system
Nance Haxton, AM (ABC Radio), 2nd January 2014
Australia's disability discrimination commissioner is concerned that too many of the state's top lawmakers are unwilling to change the justice system in order to make it fairer for people with a disability ...

Sexual Bill of Rights ( online video 5m 24s)
People First of San Luis Obispo, 2nd October 2013
People First of San Luis Obispo is a self advocacy group run by and for people with developmental disabilities. This is intended as a training video for anyone supporting people with disabilities. The first part describes the problem. The second part describes rights we all take for granted ...

We Have Choices (online video (29 mins)
Self Advocacy Association of New York... documentary on individuals with developmental disabilities across New York state who have used individualized supports in taking greater control of their lives ... (there is a link to a 10 minute version)

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