Friday, 31 January 2014

Weekend reading and viewing: 1st - 2nd February 2014

How I'm raising my Down syndrome child
Meriah Nichols, (Lifestyle - Parenting), 30th January 2014
... I think having a child with a disability is similar to learning how to run. We line up and listen to a whole lot of people tell us what we should do. Sometimes we hear them. Often we don't. They are usually talking from their own experience anyway and only slivers of what they say will have real applicable value to ourselves. Then we run: we try and try and try and try ... It's not a race; it's a relay. Of one generation of parents to the next ...

Families address matters of life and peace
Britt Kennerley, Florida Today, 28th January 2014
... with the longer, healthier lives enjoyed by many with Down syndrome ... mount as parents age — especially those old enough to remember being told their child might die before they did. Is my child getting the most out of life? Can I continue taking care of my child if we both have medical problems? And who will take care of my child if I die?

Poseidon Update 2: Workshop in Oslo 25/26 January 2014
Vanda Ridley, DSA (London) 29th January 2014
Last weekend the Poseidon Partners arranged a European Workshop in Oslo with participants from Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. Four people with Down´s syndrome from these countries took part with their helpers. We wanted to involve other European countries in the Poseidon project and find out what technology they might find helpful in their daily lives ...

I'm the unhealthy baby!
Tracey Spicer, The Hoopla, 29th January 2014
It’s something we’ve all said without thinking. The universally accepted response to the question, “So what are you hoping for, a boy or a girl?” is, “I don’t care, as long as the baby’s healthy”.

Thirty-four year-old Queenslander Karni Liddell found herself saying this, time again, to groups of friends: “Gosh, it would be your worst nightmare, wouldn’t it?!” Until one day, a few years ago, when she realised, “I’m the unhealthy baby. I’m the baby that I’ve been talking about; that people said wasn’t wanted. Does that make me everyone’s worst nightmare?” ...

Includes TEDx video (16m 38s) of Karni Lidell speaking at TEDxSouthBankWomen

My Child With a Disability Is Not My Hero
Sarah Sweatt-Orsborn, Huffington Post (Parenting), 30th January 2014
... The tendency of parents of kids with special needs and disabilities to say their kids are "heroes" makes me deeply uncomfortable ...

Who deserves the DSP?
El Gibbs, Ramp Up, 29th January 2014
Is the proposed 'crackdown' on the Disability Support Pension more about outdated ideas of what disability is and who people with disability are, than any budget savings? El Gibbs argues that receiving the disability pension should be about what people's needs are, not a moral judgement about who deserves it ...

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