Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Starecase Issue 4, January 2014

Starecase is an Australian online magazine for and by people with  a disability.  Issue 4, January 2014 is available in a variety of formats now. 

The main  thrust of this issue is to include the 'voices of the wordless' ...
... the voices who need to be heard the most are often the smallest voices. The voices of the ‘wordless’ - the silent minority, the unrepresented, and those who do not communicate by speech. 
We wanted this edition to strongly include those voices - and we are overwhelmed and awestruck by the power of your contributions ...  from the Green Chair, p 2
This issue also covers recent announcements and debates about employment of people with disability: the right to be paid fairly, news on the BSWAT and the impending review of the Disability Support Pension.

This month: 

  • Not just another statistic  ...  Joel Wilson on employment and autism
  • Someday hero  ...  a poem by Adrian Kooistra 
  • Laser Beak Man  ...  artist Tim Sharp is challenging stereotypes  
  • Brotherhood of the Wordless  ...  barriers to communication haven’t stopped the Brotherhood of the Wordless 
  • Jobs  ...  our guide to the BSWAT and all the news in disability and employment 
  • Adam Cope armed now with hope  ...  in Adam’s words and a review by Genee Marks 
  • Wow, he said  ...  Dave Hingsburger on life, love and disability 
  • Rowan’s voice  ...  Rowan was never heard - and so we include his voice here

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