Friday, 24 January 2014

Weekend reading and viewing: 25th - 26th January 2014

Education, Cheap Cider and Redcurrant Sauce
Paul Critchlow, Orange Juice Flavour Sky, 17th January 2014
... I've just read about a young girl who is the only one of her class not to be invited to a birthday party. Why? I don't know but one can only draw the conclusion that it is something to do with the extra chromosome she has. I mean, seriously people, what kind of world are we creating when we allow things like this to happen? What kind of prejudice still exists in our society? Is this 1914 or 2014? ...

John C McGinley interview - video (6m 17s)
Home and Family (Hallmark Channel),
Actor John C. McGinley discusses his journey in raising a special needs child in an integrated family.

Ordinary Choices
Jisun Lee, Kimchi Latkes, 18th january 2014
... What hurts my heart is the idea that the rest of the world might never allow him, a person with Down syndrome, to experience such ordinariness. Here I am worrying about whether my daughters will be ordinary—as if that were something intrinsically bad—while my son may struggle for that choice.

On Adopting a Kid With Down Syndrome
Kari Wagner-Peck, Huff Post Parents, 21st January 2014
You want to know what people really think about kids with Down syndrome? Tell someone you're thinking of getting one. No one said anything close to "Hey, awesome!" It was more like "Why do you want to do that to yourself?" or "That sounds hard" or "Don't do that, please." ....

He's no super hero
Leticia, Embracing Wade, 22nd January 2014
... My problem comes from the fact that the book is labelling these qualities and achievements as Super Powers. This makes me very uncomfortable. I can’t see how swapping a negative stereotype about disability with an overly positive stereotype is helpful. It feels like a step too far in the opposite direction ... (Warning: you might be overcome by the extreme cuteness of the current banner photo on this blog!)

Misguided praise for parents of children with disabilities - The Bless Your Heart Phenomenon
Alison Piepmeier, Charleston City paper, 15th january 2014
... It's an effort to be meaningfully kind, and I appreciate that effort. And yet it's still uninformed and based on stereotypes about people with disabilities. Maybelle becomes less than a child. She becomes a kind of burden, a burden I'm willing to carry because I'm special, different. "I could never do it," people will say to me. They could never manage this burden, but I do it because I'm not like a normal person ...

What siblings without Down syndrome are thinking
Maureen Wallace, She Knows - Parenting, 1st March 2013
... (Dr Brian Skotko) has a younger sister, Kristin, who has Down syndrome, so he is walking the walk. Over his lifetime and career, he has interviewed more than 3,000 brothers and sisters of individuals with Down syndrome. He has dedicated his life to becoming what can only be described as The Sibling Whisperer ...

Kelle Hampton, Enjoying the Small Things, 22nd January 2014
... I hope this girl knows how exotic and beautiful almond eyes are; how valuable her abilities, her love, her mere existence is; how full these past four years have been with her ...

It's not about political correctness, it's about not being an asshole
Green Ginger Tea, 23rd January 2014
Lately I can't help but notice there's a great deal of whining from people about being "forced" to use "politically correct" terms. Lots of hand wringing over the "word police." What's interesting is that every single time I see this kind of whining it comes from white, abled-bodied, neurotypical, straight people ...

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