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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Down Syndrome Education International webinars

UK based Down Syndrome Education International (DSE) has announced two webinars to be presented by Professor Sue Buckley, DSE's Director of Science and Research and an internationally recognised expert in education for children with Down syndrome. Each event is offered on various dates at times appropriate to different international time zones, including 'Australia - friendly' times:

Getting started with DSE’s reading and language intervention for children with Down syndrome
This live online event offers educators an overview of the key steps involved in preparing, planning and starting to use DSE's new reading and language intervention for primary/elementary aged children with Down syndrome. 
DSE's Reading and Language Intervention for Children with Down Syndrome (RLI) is an evidence-based programme designed to teach reading and language skills to children with Down syndrome. RLI incorporates best practice in structured activities delivered in fast-paced daily teaching sessions. It was evaluated in a randomised controlled trial and found to improve rates of progress compared to ordinary teaching.
Webinars in June and September will suit Australian time zones.

Introducing See and Learn  This live online event offers guidance about speech development for children with Down syndrome and how DSE's See and Learn programmes can be used to teach early sound discrimination and speech production skills, and to improve speech clarity.
See and Learn Speech is an evidence-based intervention programme designed to help children with Down syndrome develop clearer speech by learning to hear the differences between sounds, learning to say individual sounds, practising simple sound combinations and saying whole words and phrases.
Webinars in July and October will suit Australian time zones.

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