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Friday, 30 May 2014

Weekend reading and viewing: 31st May - 1st June 2014

David Perry, How Did We Get Into This Mess? 27th May 2014
"It's so sad when people have special needs." A caring, sweet, 4th-grader said this to me at the bus stop a few minutes ago ... I said, "I don't think having special needs is sad. I think it can be sad when people with special needs don't get the help they need, and even worse when they don't have a good community of friends and family around them." ...

For Hire: Dedicated Young Man with Down Syndrome
Michael Bérubé, Aljezeera America, 25th May 2014
... The first time I talked to Jamie about getting a job, he was only 13. But I thought it was a good idea to prepare him, gradually, for the world that would await him after he left school. My wife, Janet, and I had long been warned about that world: By professionals it was usually called "transitioning from high school." By parents it was usually called "falling off the cliff." ...

When He Grows Up
Mardra Sikora, Lessons More Special Than The Needs, 23rd May 2014
That’s the question posed to you for the last twenty years. And although you’ve given one answer or another, time after time, it still feels as if this moment has snuck up on you.

What to do next if your baby has Down syndrome
Sipping Lemonade, 23rd May 2014
... To the new mom holding her sweet child with Down syndrome in her arms, frightfully asking, “What should I do next?” — my answer would be: Enjoy ...

5 Anger Management Methods For Individuals With Special Needs
Karen Wang, Friendship Circle, 21st May 2014
... Prevention of anger-driven episodes is easier than active intervention. Although there is little research available on anger management for individuals with special needs, I found several applicable methods for both prevention and active anger management ...

Disability and a good life - what does it take?
Says Who? Panel, UNSW TV, 30th April 2014
The advent of a new national support system for Australians with disability raises broader questions about what a good life for people with a disability should be. How do we take account of disability in all its diversity in this new era? And what are some of the key challenges we face in forging this new, more inclusive Australia? Featuring an expert panel of leaders in disability advocacy, research, policy and practice ...

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