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Friday, 23 May 2014

What about their brothers and sisters?

All families are concerned about sibling relationships. 'Our' new families often want to know how one child having Down syndrome will impact on his brothers and sisters.  

Sometimes - quite often, actually - it's like this:

Graduating WSU senior pursues links between Down syndrome, Alzheimer's
Marcia Ratliff, Winona Daily News, 9th May 2014
... Noterman’s research concerns connections in the brain, specifically relating Down syndrome with Alzheimer’s. Fifty percent of people with Down syndrome get Alzheimer’s, so Noterman wanted to find out more about how brains with those diseases function differently. She has additional interest in Down syndrome, because her 16-year-old brother, Willie, has the condition ...

My brother, Jon
David Will, The Daily Princetonian, 29th April 2014
My oldest brother, Jon, is 41 years old and has Down syndrome. I’ve never shied away from explaining his condition to strangers. In fact, I am proud of all he’s accomplished in spite of his condition. But when a friend uses “retard” or any variant of the word, I usually just let it roll off my back, even though it stings every time. In doing so, I’ve been a coward ...

Disability is a funny word
Tommy Harris, Apostrophe, 23rd April 2014
... From the outside looking in, some might think that because of Tim, our lives are not “normal.” I couldn’t begin to say how wrong they would be ...

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