Friday, 9 May 2014

Weekend reading and viewing: 10th - 11th May 2014

To parents with a Down syndrome diagnosis: keep dreaming big
Sipping Lemonade, 7th May 2014
I remember the feeling that came over me in the delivery room when the doctor told us Kate had Down syndrome. I felt an incredible grief. And, in a way, I was grieving something — the death of an imaginary dream, a 9-month long fantasy, an idea of a child who I had created in my daydreams who did not have a “disability” ...

Happiness-For-All Secret: Make your child with Down syndrome work! 
Natalie Hale, Special Reads, 26th April 2014
... Why should you make sure that your child with Down syndrome pulls her weight in the family, is a meaningful contributor to the household, and can be relied on to do certain things just like everyone else in the family?

The title of my chapter on this tells it all: “How To Ruin Your Child.” The opening paragraph is this: “How to ruin your child? That one’s easy. I almost did it myself. Here’s how you do it: don’t make them work ...
Natalie Hale's book Down syndrome parenting 101 : must-have advice for making your life easier is in the DS NSW library collection, available for loan to members.

How can this be you?
Amy Julia Becker, Huffington Post (Parents), 29th April 2014
When the doctors said the words "Down syndrome," you wondered if she would be beautiful. You wondered if people would pity your family. You wondered if you would be able to sustain your ferocious love for her.

But today, she patted the carpet next to her when you visited her classroom. Her friends Sasha and Emma crowded around. You felt the warmth of their 8-year-old bodies leaning next to you. You listened with these little girls to the teacher's explanation of how to construct a poem. Of taking a big idea and using a particular experience to give that idea or feeling a small container, to try to hold it ...

Mark Leach, Down Syndrome Prenatal Testing, 1st May 2014
Rachel Adams, the author of Raising Henry, has a piece in the new issue of American Journal of Medical Genetics, Part A. You should read it and its lines should be inscribed in offices around the world ...

Stella Young at TEDx Sydney 2014 questioning assumptions about disability
Click on Stella Young's photo at the bottom of the screen to go straight to her talk (8m 26s)
Inclusion, belonging and the disability revolution (video 23m 1s)
Jenny Fenton and Kelly Norton, TEDx Bellingen 2013, published 16th March 2014 
Jennie shares the story of her family's journey from disability to possibility and all the dark and light places in between. She also looks at the broader changes happening in the world for people who live with disability and outlines some of the ways that Bellingen, as a community, as well as people, as individuals, can do their part for this revolution.

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