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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Changes to Disability Support Pension from 1 July 2014

The Australian Department of Human Services has posted information about changes to the Disability Support Pension to apply from today (1st July 2014).  These changes were announced in the 2014-2015 Federal Budget, and are not a result of the McClure review of welfare:
... From 1 July 2014, the government will introduce compulsory work-focused activities for DSP (Disability Support Pension) recipients under age 35 who have an assessed work capacity of at least 8 hours per week. Activities will be focused on support to prepare for, find and maintain employment and could include connecting with an employment service provider, work experience, education and training, or rehabilitation activities to overcome individual barriers. DSP recipients who do not complete their activities may have their payment suspended or cancelled. If this applies to you, we will discuss this with you at your next participation interview and work with you to include the compulsory activities into your DSP Participation Plan
From 1 July 2014, certain DSP recipients aged less than 35 years with a work capacity of 8 or more hours and granted between 2008 and 2011 will have their work capacity reassessed and eligibility reviewed against the revised Impairment Tables. This group was originally assessed for the payment prior to the introduction of the revised Impairment Tables in January 2012. DSP recipients reviewed will be supported to help maximise their capacity to join the workforce and some may have to undertake a Program of Support following review. If this applies to you, we will send you a letter closer to the date of your review. This letter will give you the information you need to know about the review and tell you what you need to do ...

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