Friday, 25 July 2014

Weekend reading and viewing: 26th - 27th July 2014

July Workshop Rehearsal Shots - Katrina Folkwell Does it Again!
An album of Katrina Folkwell's photos taken during a weekend integrated dance workshop on the far North Coast of NSW.

Voices at the Table (VATTA), Canadian Down Syndrome Society, 12th June 2014
Trailer for "What Prenatal Testing Means To Me".

About the film: Prenatal testing is gaining more prevalence in the news and society. With new and emerging tests, many people are failing to ask - what does this mean to people with Down syndrome?

VATTA, the Canadian Down Syndrome Society's self-advocate-led steering committee, will explore this topic from their unique and often overlooked perspective. Learn more about prenatal testing. Find out what their hopes and fears are for the future of Down syndrome in Canada and around the world. Join the conversation where people with Down syndrome reflect on their own value and contributions in their own community.

Who better to tell us? The finished film will be released next week - it will be available at and on VATTA's website.

Working towards arts accessibility
Ben Nielsen, Limelight, 17th July 2014
Australians with a disability are sometimes forgotten but a handful of organisations are championing the cause of arts accessibility ...

IBM Appoints Chief Accessibility Officer
Darryl K Taft, eWeek, 22nd July 2014
IBM has created a new position, Chief Accessibility Officer (CAO), aimed at redefining accessibility for users and ensuring that all users can have access to technology. Big Blue appointed Frances West as the company's first Chief Accessibility Officer. In this new role, West will guide IBM accessibility policies and practices. Additionally, she will lead IBM's collaboration with business, government and academia to advance accessibility standards and policy ... For more than 100 years, IBM has advanced technology access for people of all abilities. Some of its earliest innovations include the first Braille printer, a talking typewriter and the first commercially viable screen reader.

Disability Is Not Just a Metaphor
Christopher Shinn, The Atlantic, 23rd July 2014
The entertainment industry loves disabled characters—but not disabled actors ...

Accessible Arts (NSW) Newsletter, July 2014

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