Wednesday, 2 July 2014

More responses to the interim report on welfare reform: focus on impacts on people with disability

People with Disability Australia, 1st July 2014
People with Disability Australia President, Craig Wallace, has expressed strong concerns about the release of the Welfare Reform Interim Report amidst negative media portrayals of people with disability ...

Welfare review chief backs disability cutbacks
Patricia Karvelas, The Australian, 1st July 2014
The author of the McClure welfare reform report says not all those currently on the disability support pension should be “grandfathered” so they can ­retain their benefits under his proposed new system.

The comment by former Mission Australia boss Patrick McClure raises the prospect that people under a particular age or with episodic mental illnesses could receive lower payments.

The welfare lobby will try to argue that those currently on the DSP should be grandfathered to protect them from being put on a new, lower “working age payment”...

Work not welfare
Anna Henderson, Lateline (ABC TV1), 30th June 2014
(first 3m 51 sec of 4m 58s addresses DSP criteria)
The nation's top disability advocate has warned suggested changes to welfare will drive more vulnerable people into poverty ...

Can you work? That's all the Australian government wants to know
El Gibbs, The Guardian, 30th June 2014
For people living with disabilities, the world is full of places hostile to how we move, look, speak and talk. Any welfare review that prioritises self-reliance ignores this ...

... The federal government's McClure review into welfare is not about whether social security spending is out of control (it's not), nor whether there are thousands of rorters and bludgers abusing the system (they're not). It's about defining everybody's value as whether they can do a particular kind of work ...

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