Friday, 11 July 2014

Weekend reading and viewing: 12th - 13th July 2014

Independence Day?
Jo Ann Simons, Zeh Lezeh, 8th July 2014
... Most people with disabilities who depend on others for care, do not even have even enjoy this level of independence. Caregivers often make the decisions about these simple acts of daily living without input from the people they serve. While we work for the full inclusion of persons with disabilities in major areas of life, such as economic security, employment, housing, education and religious life, let’s not lose sight of the very important rights to independence ...

When you should tell your children a sibling has a disability
Maureen Wallace, All Parenting, 2nd July 2014
... I tried to explain. I waxed on about how Charlie has trouble learning to say words, which is why we help him and why we're working on him saying "Ah-lie" before he tackles "Chah-lie" and, ultimately, "ChaR-lie."

She listened intently and nodded wisely. "Charlie likes ice cream," she said soberly. Got it, kid. Too soon ...

Dear Mom, dealing with your child's new diagnosis
Ellen Stumbo, Finding Beauty in My Brokenness, 8th July 2014
... Fear of the unknown. What does her diagnosis mean to her? To our family? Will our family now be covered with limitations? How will this diagnosis affect sibling relationships? What will her future look like? What about mine? Will she live with us forever? Will she ever have a job? And why me? Why me!!! There has to be a mistake, we cannot be one of those families that have kids with disabilities! ...

‘Dearheart’ Helen taught others about ability
Janis Ramsay,, 3rd July 2014
... One of the qualities admired and remembered most by family members was how Helen would advocate for herself when facing discrimination. An incident during summer vacation still resonates with Nancy. "We were camping with our grandparents and whenever we walked past other sites, they would jeer,” she said. “Helen walked over and shook their hand, saying 'Hello, I'm Helen Pettypiece.' It changed the whole atmosphere." ...

Sugar-coating Down syndrome?
Sipping Lemonade, 3rd July 2014 
... she is “uncomfortable with the way all people who have [Down syndrome] are portrayed as sweet, affectionate, and capable” when she knows people who have Down syndrome who are not that way ... The world doesn’t need me to go on about the challenges of having a child with Down syndrome: there are enough people doing that. In fact, we talk about that so much that the majority of mothers who receive a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis terminate their pregnancies ...

St Louis DSA, 30th June 2014
Megan asks her mother, Maureen, all the important questions about raising a child with Down syndrome. Find out how Megan became the amazing woman she is today!

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