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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Good health: new resources and information

Health Click is a New Zealand company producing Me, a collection of resources to teach people with learning disabilities about hygiene, relationships and intimacy. The complete series:
  • Friendships: covers friendships, relationships, dating, kissing, breaking up, getting help, staying safe.
  • My Body Male: covers using the toilet, having a shower, growing up, masturbation.
  • My Body Female: covers using the toilet, having a shower, growing up, masturbation, periods.
  • Getting Help: covers going to the doctor, contraception.
Available as:
  • Me Ebook an animated book with voice-over which can be downloaded onto an iPad, Android tablet or personal computer.
  • Me CD Rom an animated with voice-over. Some organisations use this for a library copy.
  • Me Social Story books are small books of the most commonly used chapters from the Ebook/CD Rom. They can be used away from the computer or device. Titles include:
  • Having a Shower – Male / Female
  • Using the Toilet – Male / Female
  • Touching Myself – Male / Female
  • My Period

Gluten free diet improves thinking for those with coeliac disease
This recent Australian study showing a gluten-free diet 'led to better scores in attention, memory and other brain functions over the course of a year', has implications for people with Down syndrome and coeliac disease (known to occur more commonly in those with Down syndrome).
... Experts cautioned, however, that those without celiac disease who choose to go gluten-free - a current diet trend - can't expect clearer thinking to result. While more research is needed, they said, it appears that systemic inflammation common to celiac patients consuming gluten is to blame for subtle thinking problems, not gluten itself ... 

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