Monday, 28 July 2014

Inverell's Scrappers in the news

Great story and a terrific photo with Emi Campbell and the Inverell Scrapheap Adventure team in the Inverell Times:

Taking up the scrapheap challenge
Michèle Jedlicka, Inverell Times, 25th July 2014
... Inverell riders have participated in the (Scrapheap) Challenge since 2011. Col, Mick O’Brien and Phil Kimber were the first three to take the trip, and since then, the riding ranks have swelled to 14, and more are welcome to join the effort.

Local pharmacist Brendon Campbell is riding for the first year in support of the program. His daughter Emi has Down Syndrome, and Brendon has just achieved his P plates and bought a motorbike to join the local Scrapheapers.

He’s been giving Emi rides around the paddock on his bike, and Emi said had fun on the bike with her dad.

“It’s a really good ride,” she said.

“She hangs on with her thumb on the horn if I go too fast,” Brendon laughed. “I don’t know what our neighbours think!” ...
read the full story and see the Inverell Times fabulous photo here.

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