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Monday, 8 February 2016

2016: language still matters, everywhere

Zika, Abortion and Disability Rhetoric
David M Perry, How Did We Get Into This Mess? 4 February 2016
The discourse around Zika has included a constant barrage of ableist language in which reproductive rights advocates suggest that a disability like microcephaly naturally means a mother would want to terminate ...

Disability, Language, and Empowerment
Dorodi Sharma (guest blogger), Kafila, 3 February 2016
... even in the 21st century we need to coach people on ‘interacting’ with a section of humanity. The discourse on importance of language has taken a new meaning when recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi called people with disabilities ‘divyang’ or people with divine abilities. The reaction to this has been outrage, to shaking of heads, to complete indifference ...

Channel 4 to launch 'year of disability
Jasper Jackson, Channel 4 (UK) 19 January 2016
Channel 4 is launching a “year of disability” to increase representation of disabled people in broadcasting including a commitment to double the number of people with disabilities appearing in its 20 most high-profile shows such as Googlebox and Hollyoaks ...

People first vs identity first: a discussion about language and disability
Shawn Burns, Croakey, 23 January 2016
In Australia we are used to using ‘people first’ language (‘a person with autism’), to identify people with disabilities. However, in other places, such as the UK, ‘identify first’ terminology (an ‘autistic person’) is preferred. Both types of language have been suggested and are supported by communities within the disability sector and there are strong feelings about which is more appropriate and reflective of the views of people with direct experience of disability ...

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