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Monday, 22 February 2016

A Dad reconsiders a 'teachable' moment in the video store ...

Has this ever been you?

Robb Scott's recognition that he failed to respond to a 'teachable moment' about people with Down syndrome, is trending on Facebook, with thousands of 'likes', shares and comments It will resonate for many of us - as one commenter noted, there are too many such opportunities, we just have to let some of them go, to be able to get on with our own families' lives. Many others have said that he has more than made up for his self-defined failure to advocate for his son and other people with Down syndrome, by articulating his more considered response so freely online.

Most of us do feel a responsibility to educate others, and we all do it by our everyday actions and interactions - but none of us has responsibility for every occasion. There are enough of us to cover each other. Every time we choose not to step up, simply cannot, just or miss an opportunity, someone else is doing it somewhere else - we cannot, and are not required to be 'on' all the time. Sometimes we are just Dad or Mum, and sometimes we are just us - and it's okay.

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