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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Kosciuszko to Coogee, 2016

The first 800 km Mt Kosciuszko to Coogee Beach (K2C) fundraising bike ride for Down Syndrome NSW was held in 2015. It was so much fun and such a success that Lance Mitchell and his team are doing it again:

In March 2016 a small group of everyday heroes will ride from the summit of Mt Kosciuszko to Coogee Beach in support of the Down Syndrome community in NSW.
K2C is different from other charity events. 
We aren't entrepreneurs, athletes or heavily supported by corporate sponsors, we're mostly just truck drivers and tradies, jumping on a bike for a marathon ride... Because we can. Because every little bit helps. 
We don't ask for donations year round, it's just the next 6 weeks while we slog it out to make a difference in the lives of others. This is about opportunity, about equality and about positive public awareness. It's about helping those in need, who despite trying to help themselves to the best of their ability, find themselves on an unjust and un-level playing field. 
We're also talking about their families and loved ones, the organisation that supports them, entire communities of so noticeably happy and proud families, trying their best, and proud of their best. 
Be a part of something awesome this year, get behind Evan, Shane and Leigh and donate to K2C.
Follow along with the preparations and progress of the epic ride via the K2C 2016 Facebook page.  K2C events page.

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