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Friday, 26 February 2016

Weekend reading and viewing: 27 - 28 February 2016

When My Daughter With Down Syndrome Found a Forever Friend
Hallie Levine,, 20 February 2016
Jo Jo and Lily are like any other BFFs—with one exceptional difference that actually makes no difference at all ...

"I have Down syndrome and I consider it a gift, but at first I thought it was a curse."
Susan Kaphammer and Joshua Myers, Story Corps via NPR Morning Edition, 19 February 2016
Joshua Myers, 29, was born with Down syndrome. Growing up, he often felt overwhelmed by his condition and struggled with depression ... audio file, 2m 58s

My son with Down syndrome is not a mascot for abortion restrictions
Rachel E. Adams, The Washington Post, 19 February 2016
... Last month, the Missouri Senate debated a bill that would outlaw selective abortion — that is, termination of an otherwise wanted pregnancy on the basis of a Down syndrome diagnosis. This is not the first bill of its kind. In 2013, North Dakota passed a similar ban, and legislation is pending in Ohio and Indiana.

... Let’s recognize this legislation for what it is. Not a weapon against prejudice. And not a way to save lives. It is one more chapter in the conservative attempt to curtail women’s reproductive freedom. Those of us who genuinely want to end discrimination against people with Down syndrome should fight to preserve the services that allow them to thrive.

How “Inspiration Porn” Reporting Objectifies People With Disabilities
David Perry, The Establishment, 25th February 2016
... The coverage, though, takes what could be an important story about inclusion and turns it into a superficial, saccharine story that objectifies Tori in order to make the reader feel good. It’s just another example of what disability activists and media critics call “inspiration porn.”

Inspiration porn is a widespread problem in how the media reports on disability. There are many different versions, but teenagers with Down syndrome just living their lives often make for particularly compelling subjects for journalists looking to create viral stories using their stereotypical cuteness, sweetness, or angelic nature. Although frequently well-intentioned, the stories often objectify instead of building awareness around real issues or experiences ...
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, 16 February 2016
Gender and racial diversity is growing in UK theatres – but disabled creatives are being left behind. We have to shift away from patronising box-ticking ...


CTV News on the huge response to Robb Scott's video, the subject of this post from Monday 22/02/2016


"Look at the way she looks at you. Now memorize that look and store it somewhere so 
you can pull it out whenever you feel like you don't measure up to the world." 

This look is our kryptonite for inadequacy. 

Kelle Hampton's (@etst) caption for a very sweet image of
her daughters on Instagram this week.
Kelle Hampton blogs at Enjoying the Small Things

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