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Monday, 22 February 2016

Calling out ableism - some recent examples

Ableism is an age-old ideology, although naming it and calling it out are more recent:

I changed the name of my blog and this is why you should care
Jennifer Philp, Mother of Bones, 10 February 2016
... I think it’s really important to listen to the disabled (adult) advocates who have come forward and criticized the way we (the parents) are writing. They are the ones currently identifying and confronting ableism, a role that my son will one day fulfill ...

Why the Concept ‘Mental Age’ is Ableist
Erin Schroeder, Hands In Motion, 8 February 2016
... if you were to measure it based on a standard applicable to that of a group of people sharing an individual’s neurotype, rather than attempting to cross apply the standards of one neurotype to a completely separate one, and if you were to make the method of testing mental age accessible to people whose neurotype is the same as that of the person you were testing, most individuals who are currently viewed as having a low 'mental age' would actually come much closer to the baseline level for their age group ...

Why does Hollywood keep doing this to the disability community? 
Brendan Malone, The Leading Edge, 13 February 2016
Video critique of Hollywood's typical approach to characters with disability, 'prompted by an article I read yesterday from a disability rights activist about an upcoming blockbuster movie based on a best selling romance novel which portrays disability and persons with disability in a demeaning and harmful way,' including a link to the article.

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