Monday, 16 June 2014

Medication, TEAMS!: two new issues of Service, Support and Success

Two new issues of this excellent Canadian publication are now freely available online:

Service, Support and Success is a monthly newsletter designed for direct support workers supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is published by Vita Community Services (Toronto, Canada), under the editorship of Dave Hingsburger and Angie Nethercott. 

How many medications do you take each day? How did you decide to take them, and how do you know they work? How bad are the side effects, and what do you do to tolerate them?

One last question: What would happen if you were unable to ask yourself any of these questions or if no one helped you figure out the answers? ...

... Our team has been asked several times questions like: “What’s your secret?” and, “How did you become such a strong team?” Agencies that want to open similar treatment residences ask, “How do you keep staff?” Again, there is no secret, but here is what we have identified that makes us truly a TEAM ...

Service Support and Success is well worth the (free) subscription or a bookmark if you work with or are interested in supporting people with intellectual disability.

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